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Ann Wolfe: 'I'd f*ck Ronda Rousey up'

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One of the most powerful punchers in the history of women's combat sports makes her opinion on what would happen if she fought Ronda Rousey very clear.

Ann Wolfe is one of the scariest women in the history of combat sports. The former women's boxing champ who retired with a record of 24-1 with 16 KOs is now working as a trainer. Wolfe has had something of a magic touch with men like James Kirkland, whom no one else seems to be able to motivate to perform at his highest possible level.

Wolfe was in Las Vegas for this past weekend's bout between Canelo Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo and was interviewed by the media while hanging out with Brandon Rios. After Rios said that Wolfe was the only female that really scares him, the interviewer asked what would happen if Wolfe fought Ronda Rousey.

Wolfe quickly interrupted Rios' answer with a very simple answer, "I'd fuck Ronda Rousey up, he don't even gotta say that."

Asked if she meant MMA or boxing, Wolfe responded, "I don't give a fuck, we can meet in the streets. I don't disrespect or nothin but..."

When Rios said that "MMA is kind of like street fighting," Wolfe one more time stressed her ultimate feelings on the matter, "I'd tear that ass up."

A few videos of Wolfe in action for reference:

A tremendous HBO feature on Wolfe: