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TUF China Finale: Kid Nate's Bathrobe Review

Kid Nate looks back at today's UFC Fight Night: Kim vs. Hathaway card with reviews of every bout.

It's pretty short and sweet but Kid Nate got up early this morning, threw on his bathrobe, turned on the web cam and reviewed every bout on the TUF China Finale aka UFC Fight Night: Kim vs. Hathaway card.

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Topics covered include:

  • What to expect from a UFC Fight Pass card
  • Whether or not to go back to a star review system or stick with the watch now/later/never system
  • My Sakuraba t-shirt which the kind folks at Scramble gave me just to wear on these shows
  • The fall of Nam Phan
  • Dong Hyun Kim's conversion to just bang bro
  • Some funky scoring on the Yui Chul Nam vs Kazuki Tokudome bout
  • Brian Jones' birthday RIP/RIH
  • And much much much more!


Let me know which rating system you prefer.