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Tales From Beyond The Cage: Anthony Johnson describes a training accident that left an athlete fully exposed

This week's submission to Tales From Beyond The Cage comes in from the Blackzilian team via Anthony Johnson. It is a tale of exposure in training.

Image courtesy of Anton Tabuena
Image courtesy of Anton Tabuena

Recently, I've been asking all the people I interview to treat our readers with a story from the journey through their MMA career. I've gotten some great ones, so I've decided to make it a feature called, Tales From Beyond The Cage. The amazing Anton Tabuena has worked out an awesome graphic for it, and I will try to provide a new story every week.

This week's submission comes in from the Blackzilian team via Anthony Johnson. It is a tale of exposure in training.

Recently, me, Tyrone (Spong) and Henri (Hooft) were at the gym on a Monday, and everybody was sparring hard. Rashad (Evans) had this friend, his name was Kevin or something like that, and he was there at the gym to get some training in.

We saw this guy, built kind of like a wrestler, and when you see him, he don't really look like he knows what he's doing, because he is so green. He knew a little bit, but not enough to be in there with us.

We're wrestling, kickboxing...just everything MMA. This dude ended up taking down one of our guys, and he has on his tights, his vale tudo shorts. He bent over, and he had the guys back, and his shorts ripped.

Henri started laughing and pointed at this dude. He was really laughing hard by this point. Me and Tyrone look at this dude, and his asshole and nuts were hanging out. He didn't have on any drawers, nothing.

Me and Tyrone were like, ‘I'm done with training. I'm leaving.' [laughs] We couldn't move, we were laughing so hard. We were on the ground, holding our stomachs. This happened like three weeks ago, and we still laugh about it.

We didn't say a word to the guy. We went ahead and let him finish the round, a full 5 minutes with his asshole and his nuts sticking out. After training, he came up and was like, ‘Oh ya'll just gonna let me sit there with my ass and nuts hanging out?' I looked at him and I said, ‘It's not my place to tell you.' [laughs] ‘I'm a grown ass man. I'm just gonna turn around and walk away like I didn't see anything.'

That dude, he made sure he wore some regular shorts and some underwear after that [laughs]. How the Hell do you come to practice with no drawers on? You can never take that chance. If you're on the mat and somebody grabs onto your tights, and they come down, all you got is ass and nuts and everything else hanging out, and we don't want to see that [laughs].

You can follow Anthony via his Twitter account, @Anthony_Rumble

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