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What would be in my ideal MMA promotion

Nate, and friends was doing this, so I thought I'd jump in too with what I'd have in my ideal promotion.

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I wouldn't say I stole, but I was definitely inspired by Nate, Eugene and Dallas' very interesting discussion of a "dream promotion". So, to expand on them... here's a more detailed account of what I'd have in my dream, ideal promotion.

  • No-brainer. PRIDE NEVER DIE. I'm talking soccer kicks, stomps and none of this you can't up kick someone on top of you nonsense.
  • Elbows allowed including 12 - 6 elbows allowed or any time on a clock
  • All the usual fouls apply. Eye gouge, nut shuts etc.

Scoring, referee and fight length

  • Scoring as a whole.
  • We can fire/suspend judges for incompetence. Roll out a program explaining 10-8's NEED TO BE SCORED. 10-10'S need to be scored!!! Dammit.
  • Draws no longer exist. All draws head to a sudden death round. How fucking awesome was McCall and Demetrious sudden death gonna be?
  • Bring back the marathon, 10 minute 1st round.
  • Title fights would follow with 3 five minute rounds. But, hey, we all know guys like Benson Henderson and Demetrious Johnson would have no problem having more rounds to fight. 7 round title fights. 10 minute 1st round and 6 more five minute rounds.

Weight Cutting

  • Weigh ins on the same day. I don't care how unsafe it is for someone to cut 15lbs and fight on the same day. It's their own damn fault for cutting weight like that.
  • I honestly feel cutting weight takes A LOT away from the martial art "spirit". When you didn't win because your skills are better, you're just bigger and therefore have more power. Really doesn't sit well with me.
  • At the very least on the day of the fight you can't be more than 10lbs over whatever you weighed in on the day before.


  • Lenne Hardt (the screaming Pride lady) calling the fighters out when they walk out pro wrestling style. Yeah, I love the ramp and extravagant entrances.
  • Bruce Buffer for the big PPV's and title fights. Joe Martinez for the Singapore and Brazil type cards.
  • No statistics during the fight. If Mike Goldberg wants to bring up the useless punch stat numbers during the round break, that's fine. But I'd do away with them. The time spent on the ground is an alright one.
  • Commentators would include the usual Rogan/Goldberg, then I'd ban Florian and Anik from going anywhere near my promotion. Schiavallo and Miletich is a must.
  • Mauro, Bas, Frank Mir, Kathy Long. Guess commentators like Rampage in Pride and random, but famous kickboxers in K-1... maybe Miesha Tate, but her voice isn't that resonant.

Grand prix and "terrain"

  • I still can't control the governing, so I'd hold tournaments in unregulated countries. Will the commission be pissed? I'm not sure, but whatever. I love tournaments, but they're kind of pointless if the semi finals and finals aren't done on the same night.
  • I'd hold maybe 2-5 grand prix every 2 years to keep them somewhat special.
  • Absolutely love the "different terrain" idea Nate Wilcox had in the video. Ring or cage? Eugene suggest there just be a platform. I'd like to see that too. A giant platform like in some Soul Calibur maps. Maybe more fighters will finally learn proper circling and engage
  • It could be something like 3 "ring outs" counts and you lose. In my ideal promotion, I'd like to at least entertain this idea, although it sounds like it could be disastrous.
  • I'm think the platform is about 15-20 feet above the ground and underneath is a net to catch them, so at least you get to see them fall. It couldn't be water, cause then they'd be wet and it'd take too long to dry them... actually fuck it. Let them be wet.
  • Freak show fights as well as having the best of the best. Fedor fighting Zulu and Hong Man Choi are some of my favorite moments. Bob Sapp taking on Big Nog. Man... Once in a while, I'd put them on.
  • Joe Lauzon said he wanted to fight Demetrious Johnson. We can make that happen.
  • When there is no worthy challenger like Aldo fighting Lamas. I have no issue with a non-title fight for a champion. It lets them stay active, and if they lose... hey we got an immediate rematch and title challenger now.
  • A little off track, but if Bellator's champions had to re-enter the tournament, that would be awesome.
  • UFC does a great job, but I absolutely loved Strikeforce production when it was on Showtime.
  • More camera angles. I like how Strikeforce and Invicta had camera men on the floor filming "fan view" style, so you say the cage and the fight going on inside.
  • Mic up the ring or cage everywhere, so you can hear the blows like they did in Pride (Nate's idea).
  • Release a whole bunch of promotional posters. The Japanese ones are bad ass every single time.
  • The All-Access videos Showtime were and are fantastic.

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