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Jessica Eye responds to report that her drug test failure was for pot, not blood thinners

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UFC women's Bantamweight Jessica Eye responded vociferously on twitter to Bloody Elbow's report that her UFC 166 blood test failure was for marijuana and not blood thinners as had been previously reported.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

She's already deleted her twitter but Fansided captured the tweets when Jessica Eye responded to Brent Brookhouse's post that her UFC 166 drug test failure was for marijuana and not for blood thinners:

Despite the headline of the Fansided piece, Eye never specifically denies the allegations.

Personally I'm a bit baffled as to why she would rather be thought to have used blood thinners -- a very dangerous medicine for a prize fighter to be taking and one that could very well preclude her being licensed if she indeed requires them -- rather than marijuana which has no known performance enhancing attributes and is only prohibited for fighters because it's an illegal recreational drug.

For those not following the story the Texas Board of License and Regulations stripped Eye of her decision win over Kaufman and declared the fight a "No Decision." Eye was given a "probationary suspension" and will still be allowed to fight Alexis Davis at UFC 170.

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