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Jessica Eye's failed drug test was for marijuana, not blood thinners

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Contrary to earlier reports, UFC women's bantamweight Jessica Eye's failed UFC 166 drug test was not a result of blood thinners, but rather marijuana.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

Bloody Elbow has learned that the "probationary suspension" received by Jessica Eye for a positive drug test following her UFC 166 win over Sarah Kaufman was not due to blood thinners as previously reported. Bleacher Report previously reported that multiple sources confirmed that Eye was on blood thinners for a long-term issue that dates back to when she was 16-years-old and struck by a drunk driver.

Multiple very reliable commission sources have confirmed to Bloody Elbow that the test failure was a result of marijuana having been detected in the urine sample turned in by Eye.

There were some issues with the idea that it could have been a blood thinner to begin with. Blood thinners would not be prescribed to a fighter by many--if any--doctors, given the significant increase for intracranial hemorrhage, difficulty in stopping cuts during the course of a fight and a host of other issues. Also, a blood thinner would not turn up in a urine test administered by an athletic commission.

A blood test might pick up blood thinners based on coagulation time. However, Texas does not run these sort of blood tests as standard procedure.

Bloody Elbow has attempted to reach out to Eye for comment on the story but has not been able to contact her as of press time.

Eye will fight Alexis Davis at UFC 170.