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UFC: Cub Swanson says Aldo should just move up to 155 and challenge himself

UFC featherweight contender, Cub Swanson discusses his worries about the title being held up for an indeterminable amount of time if the “superfight” happens without Aldo vacating his belt.


This past Saturday, we saw Featherweight champion, Jose Aldo trounce another contender in fairly dominant, if lackluster fashion. Immediately following the bout, UFC president, Dana White announced at the post event presser that Aldo's next opponent would be Lightweight champ, Anthony Pettis.

In the days following, several reports emerged, leaving fans wondering what exactly was happening. Would Aldo vacate his belt? Would this fight be at a catchweight? The rest of the featherweight division has also been left wondering where their own future fights lie, and how long until they will have to wait to challenge for the title.

Bloody Elbow recently spoke with one of the featherweight contenders, Cub Swanson. He discussed his worries about the title being held up for an indeterminable amount of time if the "superfight" happens without Aldo vacating his belt.

I don't know where I go from here, to be honest. I've been having to answer the ‘Hey, when's your next fight?' thing for seven months, and I just keep saying that I don't know.

Lamas got offered fights, but he was the one that said no to them. I've been asking for fights with the people that have been calling me out, and they say ‘That doesn't make sense' and to wait. I just want to fight, and that's what I told Dana after the press conference.

I was pretty...I don't want to say irritated, but they kept telling me after this fight they'd have an answer. Now, with all this superfight talk, it's all on Aldo and it's kind of frustrating. I'd like some answers. If he's going to stay or go, just do it already, so the rest of us can figure this out.

If I was him, I'd just go. We're all guys that want to challenge ourselves and be the best in the world. That's why people love Randy Couture and B.J. Penn; they sought challenges in different weight classes to be the best in the world. Dominating one weight class makes you a badass in the sport, but if you want to be a legend, you have to go to different weight classes and be dominant there, too.

I'd heard he (Aldo) doesn't want to lose his belt, and that's why they're saying catchweight and looking for loopholes so he can take the fight and keep his belt, too. I think that's bull because that situation would hold us all up. If that's the fight you want, man up and move up. If it's not, then stay here and let's fight.

When it comes down to who he'd rather face off against for a crack at the title, Swanson made no bones about it, he'd like to be the man to finally take the crown from Aldo.

If he vacated and I had to beat Chad for the belt, that would be awesome, but me rematching Aldo and getting the belt from him is on the same level as Weidman/Silva I. That's huge to be able to take someone down that nobody else could. Obviously, that's the challenge I want, but if Jose doesn't want to be here, I'll take Chad any day. I want the big fights. If I had my preference, though, it would be Aldo.

You can follow Cub via his Twitter account, @CubSwanson

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