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2013 Bloody Elbow WMMA Awards Results: Best Fighter

Come find out if the girls you voted for are the winners of the inaugural Bloody Elbow WMMA awards!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

After a few weeks of voting, and some furious social networking from fighters, the results are finally here. Bloody Elbow, these are your 2013 WMMA Award winners

Fighter of the Year

Winner: Ronda Rousey (53%)

Was there ever any doubt? Some argument could be made that defeating two women that didn't really deserve to be in the cage with Rousey (Carmouche had lost her two big Strikeforce fights, and Miesha filled in for an injured Cat Zingano, who just beat Miesha), but sometimes the magnitude and outside implications outweigh the "quality of opposition" criteria that I hold in such high regard.

Three way tie for second: Joanne Calderwood, Cris Cyborg and Tecia Torres all tied for 2nd place with 10% of the vote. Calderwood had the rare 4 fights, 4 wins in a year at this level. Cyborg proved once again that no woman at this planet can handle her at 145lbs... No woman can even make her flinch with absolute destructions of Fiona Muxlow and Marloes Coenen (and as an added bonus she treated us to a beautiful display of Muay Thai violence for Lion Fight). And Tecia Torres emphatically broke into the top 5 by years end by taking out Felice Herrig in a fight that was as she put it "total domination".

Other nominees: Alexis Davis (5%), Alida Gray (4%), Julianna Pena (4%). Barb Honchak (3%), Lauren Taylor Murphy (1%), Kalindra Faria (1%), Seo Hee Ham (0%)

My pick: It has to be Ronda. But, if it wasn't her I'd go with Honchak. She decisively defeated the two best flyweights in the world that wasn't herself in Vanessa Porto and Leslie Smith. I always hated in other sports that they'd have to go 2012-2013 season or whatever, but in a calender year quite bit of luck is involved as well. There isn't really a "season" then an off-season. If Alida Gray was able to defeat Jessica Aguilar at WSOF in January, I would have had no trouble giving her the title of fighter of the "season/year".

Full results

53% Ronda Rousey

10% Joanne Calderwood

10% Cris Cyborg

10% Tecia Torres

5% Alexis Davis (5%)

4% Alida Gray

4% Julianna Pena

3% Barb Honchak

1% Lauren Taylor Murphy

1% Kalindra Faria

0% Seo Hee Ham (0%)


Question of the day: Does the placement of the girl in the poll matter to how you vote? I feel like if I put Seo Hee Ham anywhere but in the middle she would have got at least one vote.