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Dana White responds to 'crazy stuff' coming from GSP camp, denies headaches played a role in retirement

The UFC president is not amused by recent comments from St-Pierre's boxing coach that "headaches" and "insults" drove him away from MMA.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

UFC boss Dana White likes to have the last word and if you saw the comments that Freddie Roach made earlier this week, you had to know it wouldn't be long before Dana responded. For those needing to catch up, Roach is the boxing coach of former UFC Welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre who abdicated his title following a UFC 167 split decision win over Johny Hendricks.

At the time GSP referenced personal problems but now other reasons keep coming up. Roach mentioned GSP's "headaches" "depression" and said that Dana White "dragged him down."

Dana took to Fox Sports last night and replied (via MMA Fighting):

"The crazy stuff I keep hearing back from Georges St-Pierre is unbelievable. No, Georges St-Pierre never complained to us about headaches. Georges St-Pierre has never publicly said the real reasons why he stepped away from the UFC for a year. When he sat down with Lorenzo [Fertitta] and I it was a whole different set of issues, personal problems. It had nothing to do with headaches or drug testing or anything else that's been said. Not only did he tell us it was personal issues, he told us what the personal issues were. I have no idea [why he keeps complaining]. I don't know if he's just trying to draw a smokescreen to what he's really dealing with and doesn't want to publicly talk about [it]? I don't know. What Georges St-Pierre told us in private I would never repeat. He can get as kooky as he wants to get and say whatever he wants to say, but I would never repeat what he told us."

Did I imagine GSP telling Joe Rogan that Johny Hendricks hit him so hard he forgot most of the fight at his UFC 167 post-fight interview and then re-iterating that he had constant headaches at the UFC 167 post-fight press conference? Guess I must be crazy.