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Chris Weidman on future plans: ' I have no problem going to 205'

Chris Weidman may be the middleweight king of the mountain, for now, but his plans for the future could include a move up to light heavyweight.


Chris Weidman has opened up a bit more since grabbing the middleweight title last year. He sat down with MMAJunkie recently for a video interview, in which he covered a wide range of topics. He touched on his road to his first title defnese and where he sees himself now in comparison to Anderson Silva. In which he included some strong words for his detractors.

It was pretty hectic in getting ready to train for the second fight. So, I already had a new house, but now I could actually enjoy it a little bit. Besides that, you know, a little bit more popular, media.

Obviously, breaking Anderson Silva's leg was not the way I wanted to win the fight. I would have rather knocked him out, or submitted him. But, being in the cage with him now, twice and beating him every single minute of every round, I'm very secure in the fact that I'm a better fighter. There's people out there that think he's better than me, they're wrong.

He also covered his thoughts on TRT as it's a topic of constant conversation moving in to his upcoming bout against Vitor Belfort.

TRT doesn't belong in our sport, or I don't think it belongs in any sport. Age and experience is very important. And when you're able to have experience and also the testosterone level of a sixteen year old kid, and the recover rate, strength, everything that goes along with that, it becomes unfair.

Most notably however, he spoke to how he wanted to be remembered and included the interesting nugget that his long term future may include designs on the light heavyweight division.

Whatever the fans really want to see and whatever is the toughest challenge for me. Right now, the 85 pound division is exciting; there's a lot of guys and a lot of matchups that people want to see me against. So, those are the fights I'm going to fight. But, if it comes to the point where 85 looks a little stale, I have no problem going to 205.

I want to clear out the middleweight division and then fight the best at 205 and show the world what I can do. Once I feel like I'm not loving it and I'm slowing down, that's when I'll stop. Hopefully, knock on wood, not one of those guys that are, you know, doing it for the wrong reasons towards the end and just trying to collect a paycheck and then getting knocked out every fight. So, hopefully I'm not ever there.

Weidman is notably huge at 185 lbs and I could easily see him competing with the best fighters of the light heavyweight division. He's got a long list of potential challengers lining up, however, so I'm not sure it's something fans can expect any time soon.