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Bubba McDaniel on UFC earnings: 'I'm not complaining at all'

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Shortly after reports of his 2013 earnings broke on Twitter, Bubba McDaniel spoke to Bloody Elbow to give his perspective on fighter pay.

Steve Snowden

Not everything is always as it seems. After news of his 2013 earnings broke on his Twitter feed earlier today, Bubba McDaniel has given a statement to Bloody Elbow about what happened with his W2 Tweet. Apparently, the message was originally intended only for his accountant, but got mis-sent as a public post on his twitter account instead.

"First off, I want to say that this was a mistake, and I'm totally appalled. I didn't need to have anyone think that I'm complaining. I've dreamed about being an athlete my whole life. I'm not complaining at all. And, actually, I have a part time job, and actually I just got a second part time job."

"I signed the contract, I'm not complaining about it."

"I was sending the info to my accountant and I saw "posted on Twitter." I thought I deleted it the split second it posted, I didn't think anyone saw it."

"I'm not a guy to jump down somebody's throat, though. It's me that stepped wrong in the first place."

It's rough being in the mix of fighters vying for a spotlight and a bigger platform in the UFC's ever-growing roster, but it sounds like McDaniel just made an honest, if awkward, mistake.