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UFC Fight Pass updates cancellation process, takes steps to improve security

In the wake of criticisms regard two key points, the UFC has adjusted both their cancellation process and protocol for resetting passwords on their Fight Pass digital network.

As you've seen over the last few weeks, Bloody Elbow has taken time to point out some of the flaws and concerns subscribers should be aware of when looking to purchase UFC Fight Pass. The UFC announced the digital network as "Netflix for the fight fan," a service would allow fans to access the complete Zuffa library, live events, and other exclusive content. However, it had its shortcomings.

As Iain Kidd pointed out, cancelling the service was a significant hassle originally. Those wanting to cancel had to hunt down an email address and, after sending, wait for the support staff to eventually respond to the request. Fortunately for consumers, the UFC has streamlined this process. Now, simply head into "My Accounts", go to "My Subscriptions" and the cancel button is highlighted in red text.

While the cancellation process was a nuisance, the bigger issue was password security. The way the site stored passwords made it susceptible hacking and compromised the security of the sensitive information stored on the system, including credit card information.

It appears the UFC addressed this issue to some extent as well. Before, when requesting a forgotten password, the site would email the subscriber their password. Now, after the update, they email a link where the subscriber can set a new password. While not assurance of a completely renovated security system, it is definitely a step in the right direction.

Overall, the UFC deserves credit for responding quickly to these concerns and criticisms. Online security is an important issue and appearing vulnerable in that area would hurt the desirability of the product. Bloody Elbow will continue to keep you update as we learn more about the evolution of UFC Fight Pass.

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