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MMA 3-Way: Nate, Dallas and Eugene review UFC 169, outline the ideal fight promotion

The Bloody Elbow big mouths take a glance back at UFC 169, discuss the semi-controversial stoppage in Barao vs. Faber and assert their personal opinions on what would make the world's best fight promotion.

Bloody Elbow's Kid Nate, Dallas Winston and Eugene S. Robinson take a quick glance back at UFC 169 and lend opinions on the Renan Barao vs. Urijah Faber stoppage, discuss whether Jose Aldo and Alistair Overeem registered "disappointing" performances and lay out personal opinions on their dream fight promotion if they could create one.

Random topics include the stabbing incident in the New Jersey crowd for UFC 169, the weird over-emphasis on TUE/TRT and Kid Nate's go-to move in street fights.

You can also watch the video on Youtube, which is also where you should remember to subscribe to the MMA Nation channel.