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Dana White blames 'the pussification of America' for Donald Trumps criticism of dangers of football and UFC

Dana White lays blame for criticisms over the dangers of sports at the feet of a shifting of American sensibilities. Or, as he calls it, "the pussification of America."

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Donald Trump made headlines ahead of the Super Bowl and UFC 169 by suggesting that MMA was more dangerous than football. The comments weren't likely to be ignored by UFC president Dana White, and he addressed them ahead of last weekend's 169 event.

Here are the bro-tastic quotes from White (via MMA Junkie):

"People are going to get hurt," said White, who used his own football-playing sons as an example, during Thursday’s pre-UFC 169 media scrum. "It’s part of life. You start taking things away, and it’s crazy, especially something like football that affects so many people’s lives in a positive way.

"It’d be like if you take fighting away. OK, so we’re going to take football away? We’re going to take fighting away too? Or any type of contact sport? It’s ridiculous. It makes no sense. It’s the pussification of America."

Football is, of course, experiencing a massive crisis as the dangers of concussions and sub-concussive blows have become more understood. The NFL recently had to settle a lawsuit by former players for $765,000,000, a number many felt was far, far too low.

Trump has been an adversary of White in the past, being a major backer of Affliction MMA. And he has been a huge supporter, White even credited him with all but saving the UFC when he allowed the promotion to hold events in his Atlantic City casino.

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