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Jessica Eye receives 'probationary suspension' after positive drug test, still planning to fight at UFC 170

Jessica Eye because the UFC's first female fighter to fail a drug test, but will still be able to fight at UFC 170 due to strange Texas rules.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

UFC women's bantamweight Jessica Eye has become the first WMMA fighter in the UFC to fail a drug test. Bleacher Report's Jeremy Botter broke the news on Twitter earlier and followed up with details in an article.

Eye is hit for a $1875 fine for the drug test failure -- the banned substance has not been released -- the bout result is now a no-contest and she will serve a one year "probationary" suspension. This means that Eye will be able to fight at UFC 170 against Alexis Davis as scheduled, something Eye made sure people understood on Twitter:

Mike Chiapetta clarified a little about how a suspension can not be a suspension -- the most Texas commission thing ever -- here:

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