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UFC teases Wanderlei vs. Chael Fight footage in TUF Brazil promo

In the build up to the third season of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil the UFC has released a new promo of the footage from Wanderlei and Cheal's fight on the TUF set.

Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen's personal beef has been the driving force behind any hype for the third season of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil. A reported scuffle between the two men has had many fans wondering if the UFC was turning up the kayfabe full blast in an attempt to draw more viewers and subscribers to their developing fight pass service. Whether or not that's the case, the UFC is certainly not sleeping on the opportunity of using their fight to draw eyes. Their newest promo for the TUF season gives a brief glimpse into the confrontation.

It appears to start with Wanderlei sticking his finger in Sonnen's face and talking about how much he doesn't like Sonnen. He then proceeds to tell Sonnen "I know you're scared." And then challenges him to a fight then and there. What do you think? Now that you've caught a glimpse have you been swayed, are you more or less skeptical?