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Anderson Silva looks to expand showbiz career with ICM Partners

It looks like Anderson Silva is setting himself up for a broader media career after his time in the octagon is over with his signing with ICM Partners talent agency.


Anderson Silva may no longer by UFC middleweight champion, but he's still kind of a big deal. As one of the few fighters to break through the MMA cult appeal barrier and out into the broader public consciousness, Silva has an opportunity to take advantage of the celebrity he's created for himself. And it looks like he's jumping on it. Deadline Hollywood reports that Silva has signed on with the ICM Partners talent agency. It's a name that won't be terribly familiar to most readers, but hosts such talent as Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Samuel L. Jackson just to name a scant few.

Aside from the award winning Like Water, the documentary centered around the buildup to his first fight with Chael Sonnen, Silva has already appeared in a handful of films. Initially starting with a couple of MMA themed projects, he's since moved on to a few projects in Brazil, including some voice work for the stop motion film Worms. He's had a few notable commercial appearances as well, including this awesome Burger King commercial and a hilarious Budwiser commercial (mostly because of Bruce Buffer). It will be interesting to see if ICM can offer him a bigger platform in the coming years. Who knows? We may soon be seeing Anderson Silva on movie posters instead of event posters.