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UFC champ Jose Aldo posts video mocking Anthony Pettis and the Korean Zombie with homophobic slurs

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The UFC's Featherweight champ and his friends made a video of them singing a song disparaging the UFC Lightweight champ Anthony Pettis and former Featherweight title challenger Chan Sung Jung.

Jose Aldo posted a video on Instagram earlier this week of himself and a few friends enjoying a joking song apparently at the expense of UFC LW champ Anthony Pettis and former Featherweight challenger Chan Sung Jung, aka the Korean Zombie.

A BE reader from Brazil sent the following translation and explanation and asked that he not be identified:

Aldo and his crew sing, "e o Zumbi eu nunca vi, Ricardo Lamas la la la, Anthony Pettis seu viado, a sua hora vai chegar!" The original soccer song goes: "Cadê você? Cadê você? E no Maraca eu nunca vi, no Engenhão não estava lá, os jogadores todos choram, não têm torcida para apoiar."

Crudely translated it goes, "the Zombie I have never seen, Ricardo Lamas la la la, Anthony Pettis you f**got, your time will come."

They adapted a song from Flamengo's supporters (Flamengo is the most popular soccer team in Brazil and Aldo is a Flamengo fan). Basically, it says that Anthony Pettis is a f**got and his time is going to come. They are clearly joking, but that is what they are saying.

The original song says: "Where are you? Where are you? In Maraca (the abbreviation of Maracanã, the biggest soccer stadium in Brazil) I have never seen, in Engenhão (the other big stadium of Rio de Janeiro) they weren't there, all their players cry, they have no supporters to stand for them"

Flamengo supporters sing this because Botafogo has a lot less supporters.

There you have it, a night out on the streets of Brazil with Jose Aldo and his friends and their cams.

Aldo defeated the Zombie via TKO at UFC 163 and has twice been booked to fight Anthony Pettis.