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Nate Diaz asks for his release from the UFC

It looks like another Cesar Gracie fighter wants to test the free agent maket. Unfortunately for him, he's still under contract.

Michael Nagle

Maybe it's something in the water, but Cesar Gracie fighters have had trouble getting what they want out of the UFC recently. First it was Nick Diaz who retired from competition last year and has since been a constant conversation topic with his desire to get a title shot again in the UFC. Then, of course there's Gilbert Melendez who's negotiations soured so poorly that Cesar Gracie was threatening to pull all of his fighters out of the Zuffa promotion. Melendez and the UFC are on much better terms now, since Melendez signed a big new contract, but that hasn't stopped another Stockton based fighter from asking to be released. Nate Diaz took to Twitter with his contract request.

This isn't the first time the younger Diaz has been a bit cryptic on Twitter. He also caused something of a stir before his bout against Gray Maynard when he claimed he wouldn't be able to make it due to a high school reunion. His manager, Mike Kogan later claimed that it was a misunderstanding and Diaz was actually lodging a complaint about the fight's location rather than saying he wouldn't be there. Perhaps this is merely a crossed signal too, or maybe the younger Diaz, like his brother, has just grown weary of spinning strikes, elbows on the ground, and fighters greasing with water. Only time will tell.

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