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Cast revealed for TUF Brazil 3: Sonnen vs. Silva

The cast has been revealed for the next season of the Ultimate Fighter Brazil starring Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva as opposing coaches.

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil is coming up for it's television debut on March 9th on TV Globo in Brazil and Fight Pass for international viewers. That means it's time to meet the cast of fighters who will be looking to populate the UFC's middleweight and heavyweight divisions. The show is already getting plenty of hype from Sonnen and Silva's personal feud, but it remains to be seen how much interest the competitors themselves can bring. The teams will be split between two tournaments, heavyweight and middleweight. And unlike more recent international seasons the UFC has cast a full 32 fighters for the show, meaning that fans should get to see opening round fights. has the rosters.

  • Alexandre Machado - 30 yrs, (6-1)
  • Antonio Carlos Junior - 23 yrs, (3-0)
  • Antonio Paulo Branjao - 25 yrs, (3-0)
  • Bruno Silva - 24 yrs, (9-4)
  • Edgard Castaldelli Filho - 34 yrs, (12-4)
  • Ewerton Rocha - 31 yrs, (3-1)
  • Felipe Diego Dantas de Oliveira - 31 yrs, (6-0)
  • Fernando Camoles - 27 yrs, (4-1)
  • Goncalo Salgado - 33 yrs, (7-2)
  • Guilherme Viana - 27 yrs, (4-1)
  • Job Kleber Melo - 34 yrs, (3-1)
  • Jollyson Francisco Sosaleta - 30 yrs, (2-0-2)
  • Marcos Rogerio Lima - 28 yrs, (11-2-1)
  • Richardson Moreira - 29 yrs, (7-1)
  • Thiago Santos - 26 yrs, (11-3-1)
  • Vitor Miranda - 34 yrs, (9-3)
  • Cristiano Ribeiro Lopes Pontes - 34 yrs, (4-1)
  • Douglas Moura Silva - 29 yrs, (4-1)
  • Giuliano Brescianini Arantes - 29 yrs, (5-1)
  • Guilherme Vasconcelos - 27 yrs, (3-1)
  • Ismael de Jesus - 33 yrs, (9-4-1)
  • Joilton Santos - 21 yrs, (9-2-1)
  • Jose Roberto Rocha - 26 yrs, (5-0)
  • Marcio Alexandre Junior - 24 yrs, (12-0)
  • Markus Perez Echeimberg - 24 yrs, (3-0)
  • Paulo Henrique Costa - 22 yrs, (3-0)
  • Pedro Paulino - 29 yrs, (3-0)
  • Ricardo Abreu - 29 yrs, (4-0)
  • Wagner Silva Gomes - 26 yrs, (3-0)
  • Warlley Alves Andrade - 22 yrs, (6-0)
  • Wendell Oliveira Marques - 31 yrs, (23-7)
  • Willian Steindorf - 26 yrs, (3-0)

Looking at the heavyweight ranks, the obvious favorite is Thiago "Big Monster" Santos. The former Bellator vet has a lot more high end experience than anyone else on the list. However, this season is also going to be something of a litmus test for Team Nogueira's heavyweight talent in general as Santos, Branjao, Filho, Rocha, Moreira, and Miranda either have trained or are currently training with Team Nogueira. It could make for a weird vibe if these fighters are well acquainted. Other notable heavyweights include Antonio Carlos Junior who trains at Champion Team alongside Hugo Viana, Fernando Camoles out of Brazilian Top Team, and Guilherme Viana out of Ruas Vale Tudo.

On the middleweight side, the first name to jump off the list is Warlley Alves Andrade who just missed the top 25 cut in Patrick Wyman's Search For Future Champions series. Also notable is Ismael de Jesus, who's spent some time at Nova Uniao and is the current Shooto Brazil middleweight champion. Other fighters from bigger camps include Douglas Moura Silva training out of Team Nogueira, Marcio Alexandre Junior from Team Tavares, Echeimberg is from Gracie fusion where he trains alongside Rafael Natal, and Ricardo Abreu is a Wand Fight Team product.

It's not the worst TUF cast I've ever seen, but it's definitely light on experience. There are a couple of fighters on each side who should be the big early favorites and a ton of guys from Team Nogueira or it's affiliates, which should make things interesting. I doubt it's the kind of group that will drive people to pick up fight pass, however. What do you think? Any fighters up there that you're just itching to see in the TUF cage?