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UFC missteps still being cited as part of the problem with MMA legalization in New York

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Comments by Dana White are among many things being cited as continuing issues for MMA legalization in New York.


Legalization of mixed martial arts in New York once seemed like a sure thing, something that would happen in the very near future. However, the process has dragged on and on. There are a number of factors at play, political nonsense at every level.

The UFC routinely does not do itself any favors in the PR department, and that is also now playing a factor as reported at

But several prominent female legislators, particularly in the state Assembly, have raised concerns about what they see as violent and misogynistic messages emanating from the sport and its boosters, though supporters are quick to note the bill carries a handful of female sponsors. Several labor unions have continued to support the ban, including Unite Here, an umbrella group locked in a longstanding dispute over non-union casinos in Las Vegas owned by the owners of UFC’s parent company.

Most recently, critics point to a comment last month from outspoken UFC President Dana White, who used a crude slang term when responding to criticism about the violence of MMA and football. Earlier this month, now-former UFC fighter Thiago Silva was arrested and charged with attempted felony murder in Florida after a standoff with a SWAT team; the charges were later reduced to aggravated assault.

The comment in question was when White responded to criticism of the UFC as "too violent" with a diatribe that included calling such criticism the "pussification of America."

The UFC also had a misstep recently when a legalization event featured a member of their lobbying firm (though not someone who works on their actual lobbying efforts) showing up as a "guest" despite a history as a notorious sexual offender.

Business as usual is not really moving things along in the UFC and it's giving ammo to the opposition.