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Thiago Silva's bond hearing set for March 7

Thiago Silva will go in front of a judge for a bond hearing on March 7. The former UFC light heavyweight is facing multiple charges stemming from violent conflicts with his ex-wife.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The next step in the saga of Thiago Silva will come on March 7 when the former UFC fighter goes in front of a judge for a bond hearing. Silva was arrested after a standoff with police that followed his alleged threatening of his ex wife as well as Pablo Popovich at Popovich's gym.

MMA Fighting has the report:

The former UFC light heavyweight fighter has a bond hearing set for March 7 in South Florida, his manager Glenn Robinson informed He is currently being held at Broward County Main Jail after his arrest on Feb. 6.

Silva faced a judge last Friday at a bond hearing after initially being held without bond, because the court feared extradition problems if he fled, but his case was not heard because the judge decided to transfer his case to domestic violence court. Silva appeared in court in front of dozens friends and teammates who were ready to testify on his behalf. They never got their chance but are willing to do so at next week's bond hearing, if necessary.

It will be interesting to see what "teammates" are willing to testify on his behalf. The police reports contain many, many horrible allegations. Not the least of which include phone threats and holding a gun in his ex-wife's mouth.

Tying your name to Silva right now seems like an odd decision for a professional fighter.

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