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UFC heavy Travis Browne has low testosterone but rejects TRT, says it's cheating

Travis Browne has harsh words for UFC fighters taking testosterone replacement therapy.


In 3 and 1/2 years in the UFC, Travis Browne has amassed a 7-1-1 record and he's done it without using testosterone replacement therapy, despite having low testosterone levels. That's a sharp contrast to his fellow UFC Heavyweight Frank Mir who's been using TRT for years. Not to mention others in the division who have had repeated struggles with failed drug tests.

Browne spoke to Gareth Davies and here's what he had to say:

"They should outlaw it [TRT]," Browne told Telegraph Sport. "But it's not my job to go out there shouting that it should be that way. The way I look at these things is this: Jon Jones has an 84ins reach. I want an 84ins reach, let's make it fair. But we can't do that. We are all physically different. Live with it."

Browne revealed to Telegraph Sport that he had only discovered the low testosterone as part of an overall health check. "I got tested. I did a full blood test to see where my body is, where the deficiencies might be, to see if I might be lacking in anything. They asked if I wanted my testosterone checked, too, so I said 'Sure, let's see where my T-levels are'. For my age, I am low. I could go and get TRT if I wanted to, but why ?"

"It's going to give me an excuse to lose. I don't need that. It's mentally weak.I don't care. I don't care if I'm lower, here, higher there. I'm going to fight you either way. I'm going to punch you in the face either way."

The UFC could use more fighters like Browne, especially now that major media outlets like ESPN are beginning to connect the dots on the abuse of TRT in MMA.

Browne is expected to face Fabricio Werdum at UFC on Fox 11 with the winner getting a title shot against champion Cain Velasquez.

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