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UFC 170: CM Punk cage side next to Dana White 'just for fun'

The former WWE star sat Octagon-side with UFC president Dana White at UFC 170 but Dana says it was "just for fun."


Everyone loves a WWE style troll job and UFC president Dana White is no exception. Ever since WWE star CM Punk seemingly walked away from Vince McMahon's empire a few weeks back, there's been a consistent low-level buzz about the possibility that he would make the leap to MMA.

When he appeared Octagon side next to Dana White at Saturday's UFC 170, TMZ had to trumpet that it was "just for fun," nothing to get excited about....and that's why they did the following breathless post and emailed it out to their lists:

CM Punk's first public outing since walking away from the WWE last month was Saturday night in Las Vegas at UFC 170 ... and even though he was sitting ringside with the company's head honcho -- Dana White says they didn't talk one word of business.

TMZ Sports spoke with Dana White about his visible hangout with Punk seen by millions on Pay Per View ... and the UFC Prez says they were just watching the fight as friends.

Dana adds, "He is a friend and a fan. We have literally never talked about wrestling or fighting or anything else work related since I've known him."

Let's reiterate, Punk is in his mid-30's, has no combat sports experience and is a white-belt in BJJ.

Sounds like the next UFC champion to me!

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