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TUF China Finale: Kim vs. Hathaway live results and play-by-play for Fight Pass prelims

Keep up with all the action from the TUF China Finale with the live results and play-by-play here on Bloody Elbow. The night's main event features a welterweight clash between Dong Hyun Kim and John Hathaway.


On Saturday, March 1 the UFC is returning to Macau for The Ultimate Fighter China Finale out of the Cotai Arena. Starting with the preliminary card on Fight Pass at 5:15 a.m. ET (2:15 a.m. PT), Bloody Elbow will provide live coverage and play-by-play of all the events action. The show continues on Fight Pass for the main card kicking off at 8 p.m. ET (5 p.m. PT). In the night's main event, welterweight Dong Hyun Kim will face off against John Hathaway.

This post will cover the preliminary card:

Kazuki Tokudome vs. Yui Chul Nam - Lightweight
Zak Cummings vs. Alberto Mina - Welterweight CANCELLED

Vaughan Lee vs. Nam Phan -Bantamweight
Albert Cheng vs. Anying Wang - Welterweight
Jumabieke Tuerxun vs. Mark Eddiva - Featherweight

Jumabieke Tuerxun vs. Mark Eddiva

R1: And we're live. Eddiva scoring early. He gets Tuerxun down against the cage; not flat on his back but in a crouch. Tuerxun tries to stand and Eddiva forces him all the way down. Knees to the body landing. Eddiva physically out-muscling Tuerxun and battering him against the cage at a methodical clip. 10-9 Eddiva.

R2: Eddiva pressures Tuerxun against the cage and works on him some more with close-range knees and punches. Tuerxun circles off but Eddiva continues his frenetic pace with more punches, a high kick and a front-leg side kick. Tuerxun changes levels nicely on Eddiva's next combo and gets the takedown momentarily, but Eddiva cage-walks and circles Tuerxun's back onto the cage, just overpowering Tuerxun. Eddiva hits a duck-under double leg at the bell. 10-9 Eddiva.

R3: Tuerxun gets assertive and tries to impose a takedown early but Eddiva fends it off and eventually resumes his swarming against the cage. Eddiva seems to land a clearly illegal knee to the head but the ref either allows it or doesn't see it. Tuerxun finally gets loose from the cage but finds himself underneath Eddiva in full guard. Tuerxun swings his leg over for a triangle attempt but can't finish it. 10-9 Eddiva for a clean sweep on my card.

  • Mark Eddiva defeats Jumabieke Tuerxun by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Albert Cheng vs. Wang Anying

R1: Anying with a retreating left body kick. Cheng tries to close distance but he's greeted with a left hook. Left roundhouse kick comes high for Anying, who then pieces together a blistering flurry to keep Cheng on his heels. Anying goes hook-straight and lands the latter as Cheng's rushing him. Another left hook lands for Anying as he's backpedaling. Anying shakes his gloves at Cheng in a silent "come on!" Anying unloads a nasty concoction of left hooks, right crosses and high kicks, sustaining his ridiculous level of offensive output. 10-9 Anying.

The fight is stopped between rounds: Cheng likely cannot see out of his severely swollen right eye and his cheekbone is ballooned to a size that's comparable to his forehead.

  • Wang Anying defeats Albert Cheng by TKO (referee stoppage), Round One

Vaughan Lee vs. Nam Phan

R1: Lee is beating Phan to the punch early. And often. Phan seems slow and can't get off. Lee is working the body. Moving in and out. Landing at will. 10-9 Lee

R2: More of the same. Anik just called Phan a "punching bag." Yikes. Ok Phan is backing him up a little but still not landing much. Lee rebounds. More body shots. 10-9 Lee.

R3: Again Lee is utterly dominating on the feet. No attempts to take the fight to the ground from Phan despite the rout on the feet. 10-9 Lee. Easy 30-27 for Vaughan Lee.

  • Vaughan Lee def. Nam Phan via unanimous decision (30-27x2, 30-26)

Kazuki Tokudome vs. Yui Chul Nam

R1: Nam is all over Tokudome early! Battering him and dropping him quickly! Ref almost stops the fight but decides not to at the last minute. Tokudome taking a beating. Up and down it doesn't matter. Nam is battering him all over the place. The right hand is landing and landing again. Nam seems to be tiring but Tokudome survives the round somehow. Four knockdowns! Have to score it 10-8 for Nam.

R2: Tokudome gets the take down to start round 2. Nam seems pretty dang gassed. Nam rolls over, Tokudome takes his back. Nam pinned against the cage, prone, eating soft shots to the head. Tokudome just camps out on top of Nam, has a cross-wrist pinning Nam to the mat. Landing the pitter and the patter. Tokudome in half guard. Landing the odd hammer punch. Ref threatening to stand them up. Tanner elbows from Tokudome. 10-9 Tokudome. 19-18 overall for Nam.

R3: They trade early. Tokudome lands a kick that hurts Nam and Nam fires back with a hard right hand that stumbles him. Tokudome shoots in. Gets Nam down. Camps out in Nam's half guard. Nam totally gassed. Ref stands them up. Nam landing on the stand up. Nam gets the take down. Tokudome back to his feet. Both men are dead standing. Nam firing knees and punches! Tokudome gets a double leg to end the fight. 10-10. 29-28 Nam on my card.

  • Yui Chul Nam def. Kazuki Tokudome via split decision (29-27, 27-28, 29-28).