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UFC Twitter account retweets Marlon Wayans saying he wants to 'smell Ronda Rousey's gloves and feet wraps'

What was the UFC trying to accomplish in re-tweeting this Marlon Wayans Instagram post?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Just hours away from Ronda Rousey's latest bantamweight title defense, the UFC's official Twitter account made a conscious and rather puzzling decision to re-tweet comic and actor Marlon Wayans saying the following about the UFC 170 main event between Rousey and Sara McMann:

The full quote on Wayans' Instagram account reads as follows:

This is hot!!!! Girl on girl! #ufc @ufc @rondaroussey I just wanna smell her training gloves and feet wraps... Am I weird? Probably and probably not alone

There's also accompanying video of Wayans, who starred in cinematic classics such as Scary Movie, Scary Movie 2, and White Chicks, "narrating" the weigh-ins yesterday and rooting for the two women to kiss before saying "men are perverts, aren't we?" to conclude the clip.

I ... really don't understand why (whoever was manning) the UFC account decided this was worthy of RTing to its 1.75 million followers. It was neither funny nor clever, it definitely came off as creepy and demeaning, and it's the exact type of behavior the UFC shouldn't be actively and publicly endorsing.

For a change of pace, here's some serious analysis of the final three fights on the UFC 170 card by our own Kid Nate, Dallas Winston and Connor Ruebusch. They dive deep into Ronda Rousey vs. Sara McMann, Daniel Cormier vs. Patrick Cummins, and Rory MacDonald vs. Demian Maia.

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