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UFC 170: Rousey is 'willing to die in the cage, McMann is not'

The UFC women's Bantamweight champ says she's willing to go further than her challenger.

Ronda Rousey faces Sara McMann this Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada at UFC 170 in a women's Bantamweight title fight. Both are undefeated. Rousey is 8-0. McMann is 7-0. Both are Olympic medalists. Rousey won the bronze in judo in 2008. McMann won the silver in wrestling in 2004.

However, according to Rousey there's one big difference between them. In this Fight Hub interview, "Rowdy" Ronda is willing to die in the cage and she claims that McMann is not.

"I think it's more of an advantage for me, fighting 56 days after my last fight than Sara fighting 10 months after her last fight. This would never happen in boxing. You would never see two guys fighting in boxing with one guy having a 10 month layoff. No promoter would do that. They'd be so worried about ring rust that they'd have a tune up fight and then fight for the title.

"Everybody presents their own unique problems. She brings a lot of things to the table. We focus not so much on my opponent's weaknesses, we focus more on the holes in my game.

"On paper Sara is an amazing athlete. As athletes you could say we're very close to equals and that's why people are excited for this fight. But I'm more of a fighter than she is. I can tell this title is more important for me than it is for her. She has a kid and she has to go home to that kid. I can afford to be selfish and she can't. I'm willing to die in there and she's not."

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