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UFC 170: Rousey vs. McMann live results and play-by-play for the main card

Live results and play-by-play for the UFC 170 main card. In the headliner, Ronda Rousey defends her belt against Sara McMann.

The UFC women's bantamweight title is on the line for the second time in under two months as Ronda Rousey defends her belt against Sara McMann in the main event of UFC 170. Bloody Elbow will have live results for the entire event which begins with a pair of prelim fights on Fight Pass (aprox 7 p.m. ET) and then a two-hour FX prelim broadcast (8 p.m. ET) before the main card kicks off on PPV (10 p.m. ET).

This post will cover the action for main card.

In addition to the title fight, Daniel Cormier will make his debut at light heavyweight when he takes on late replacement Patrick Cummins, while Demian Maia and Rory MacDonald will clash in welterweight action.

Make sure to come back and share your thoughts in the comments as the action goes down.

Stephen Thompson vs. Robert Whittaker

Round 1 - Both men with a bevy of kicks to start. Thompson was extremely active with Whittaker struggling to keep up. Hook kick from Thompson. Straight left and right from Wonderboy. Whittaker scores with a jab, and another. Both men connect. A big right drops Whittaker! He got up and then got put right back down again! Thompson pounded him out! Wow, nice start to the card.

Stephen Thompson defeats Robert Whittaker by TKO (strikes), 3:43 of round 1

Mike Pyle vs. T.J. Waldburger

Round 1 - Leg kick from Pyle. They clinched up and Waldburger looked for a takedown. He couldn't get it though. Waldburger missed with a high kick, but scored with two left hooks. Right hook and a kick from Waldburger. Beautiful trip takedown from Pyle. Waldburger popped up after about a minute. They battled in the clinch and Pyle scored with a couple of knees. Pyle got a late takedown. 10-9 Pyle.

Round 2 - Pyle with a leg kick and a jab. Waldburger came back with three of his own kicks. Pyle caught a kick and got a takedown. Waldburger went for a leg lock but there wasn't anything there. Pyle scored with a knee as Waldburger got up. Pyle with a spinning back kick. They clinched up and Pyle got it down. Waldburger got up quickly, but had a bloody nose. 10-9 Pyle.

Round 3 - Waldburger with a jab/leg kick combo. And again. Pyle caught a kick and scored with a right. And another one. Body shot from Waldburger. A right from Pyle wobbled Waldburger. Front kick scored from Waldburger, and Pyle scored with a cool spinning elbow. They battled in the clinch. Big knee and two standing elbows. Another big knee! Pyle went for a guillotine and moved to mount. He landed a huge shot that appeared to knock out Waldburger, but the fight wasn't stopped. Pyle was just destroying Waldburger to the point that Rogan was begging Herb Dean to stop the fight, which he finally did.

Mike Pyle defeats T.J. Waldburger by TKO (devastation), 4:03 of round 3

Demian Maia vs. Rory MacDonald

Round 1 - Maia shot in immediately but got stuffed. Maia got him down the second time though. Maia landed a few short shots while looking to pass. He moved to mount with more than three minutes to go. Maia opened up with GnP. MacDonald almost got out, then finally managed to get to half guard. Then back to full guard. After another 30 seconds, Rory got up. MacDonald scored with some kicks. Maia crackeed him with a huge combination. 10-9 Maia.

Round 2 - MacDonald opened with aggression and landed a couple of punches. He just missed with a kick and stuffed a shot. MacDonald with some heavy kicks. Rory stuffed two shots. And another. Big body kick from Rory and Maia was hurt. He came back with kicks of his own. Maia desperately tried for takedowns but his shots were very slow. Big jabs from MacDonald. Another big kick to the body from Rory. Maia cracked Rory with a left hook. More jabs from MacDonald, and a right. Maia kept kicking the back leg whenever Rory went for a kick of his own. Big straight right from MacDonald. 10-9 MacDonald.

Round 3 - MacDonald with jabs and straight rights. Maia throwing haymaker lefts but not connecting. Maia had another shot stuffed. After getting peppered with jabs, Maia got in on a single and slammed MacDonald to the mat! Rory somehow bucked Maia off of him and got up after 45 seconds or so. MacDoald stuffed another shot. Maia was very tired. MacDonald with another big straight right. Maia's swinging and missing. Huge right another another stuffed takedown. Great combos from Rory down the stretch. I have it 10-9 MacDonald and 29-28 overall.

Rory MacDonald defeated Demian Maia by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Daniel Cormier vs. Patrick Cummins

Round 1 - Cummins with a leg kick. Good left from Cummins. Uppercut from Cormier, and another. Inside leg kick from Cummins. Cormier dropped him with a right. He jumped on his back and landed shots until Mario Yamasaki waved it off. Cummins didn't really like the stoppage, but he wasn't getting back up.

Daniel Cormer defeats Patrick Cummins by TKO (strikes), 1:19 of round 1

Ronda Rousey vs. Sara McMann

Round 1 - They're swinging early! McMann tagged Ronda three times before Rousey clinched up and landed a knee. Both connect with a punch and Rousey lands some more knees. Rousey looked for a throw but McMann stood her ground. Ronda crumpled her with a knee to the body and some punches and it's over! Ronda Rousey wins via strikes! It may have been slightly premature, but she did drop.

Ronda Rousey defeats Sara McMann by TKO (strikes), 1:16 of round 1