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Benson Henderson is unhappy about Jose Aldo's title shot

It appears that Benson Henderson sees himself as slightly closer to the front of the line than the UFC does and he's unhappy that Jose Aldo is cutting.


Perhaps it's unsurprising, considering that Benson Henderson has been noticeably, if not exactly brashly, campaigning for a 3rd fight against Anthony Pettis. In a microcosmic sense it seems only fitting that the recently dethroned champion would only be a fight or two away from the title. But, given that he's now lost to Pettis twice, it's also not terribly surprising that the UFC isn't rushing to give him another crack at the belt... Well, it's not surprising to most. Henderson took to Twitter to vent his frustrations on the announcement that the UFC had already booked Jose Aldo to fight for the lightweight title.

Strong words (okay, they're not that strong) from the former lightweight champion. Truthfully, though, he's still in the thick of it for a future shot at the belt and a little more time and another really solid win is only going to help make that case stronger. A little time for fans to forget about that quick armbar loss wouldn't hurt either. Lightweight is incredibly short on clear title challengers at the moment. The only frontrunner, T.J. Grant still has no return date, so a shot for Jose Aldo only makes sense right now. Hopefully Henderson can enjoy his honeymoon without lingering thoughts of what could have been.

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