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Titan FC leaked roster of new fighters contracted to multi-fight deals

A trusted source has leaked a list to Bloody Elbow of new fighters contracted to Titan FC for multi-fight deals.

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Titan Fighting has been making waves over the last several weeks, especially with new owner, Jeff Aronson breathing new life into the organization. Pieces of gold are being dropped all along the way leading into their February 28th fight card.

A new organization owner, Stephan Bonnar being part of commentary team and lots of recognizable names are just the tip of the iceberg, though. There are also rumblings of bonuses for every fighter that gets a finish, something fight fans have been wanting for ages. Talk about a breeding ground for killers.

Something else worth noting is that I received a list of names a few hours ago from a trusted source; a listing of talent that has recently been signed to multi-fight contracts with Titan Fighting. The listing is as follows:

At 125 lbs

Pedro Noble

Bill Friday

Illiard Santos

Jeff Curran

Ricky Calatayud

At 135 lbs

Anthony Gutierrez

Kevin Croom

Walel Watson

Luis Rafael Laurentino

At 145 lbs

Glaristone Santos

Kurt Holobaugh

Adi Alic

Sam Toomer

Joe Barajas

Aaron Neveu

Mirsad Bektic

Wolfgang Janssen

At 155 lbs

Jorge Gurgel

Eric Marriott

Mike Ricci

Jake Lindsey

George Sotiropoulos

Jonas Boeno

Saul Galindo

Dashon Johnson

Marcus LeVesseur

At 170 lbs

Matt Riddle

Luan Chagas

Darren Till

Todd Moore

Colby Covington

Ricky Legere

Keith Johnson

Mike Bronzoulis

Brock Jardine

Luigi Fioravanti

Jose "Pele" Landi-Jons

NOTE: I have been informed that Chase Hackett is not signed to Titan. Apparently there were some talks, but nothing came to fruition. My apologies on the error. To make it up to ya, I have been told that Dave Herman will be facing D.J. Linderman for their April card.

This list, if you'll note, is for welterweight and below. Some of the signings have already been announced, but the majority have not. I think it's safe to say Titan FC will be putting on some great future cards and providing fans with another option to get their MMA fix, and fighters with another avenue to keep earning a living within the sport. I'll keep our readers posted on new signings as they develop.