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How's Taste My Tweet Tweet? MMA Twitter Beef, UFC Fighter Union, Cain Velasquez and Barbie

The week's most interesting bits from the MMA and UFC twitter world.

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse


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"Really cool to get some support from fighters who request to be anonymous for obvious reasons. I'll speak for you until you can join me." -Nate Quarry

"I think we should not lose sight of all the UFC and Dana has done for the fans and fighters. I just want better compensation." -Nate Quarry

"How long until starts trashing saying he is a washout and has been? " -Mike Ciesnolevicz

" eh. That's fine. Either way. I love Dana and the UFC. I just love the fighters too and will speak for those that can't." -Nate Quarry

" and everyone appreciates you for doing it. You have been there and obviously care about the fighters... it just seems anyone who voices their feelings lately receives less than positive feedback. Respect to you!" -Mike Ciesnolevicz

"I can't believe no one else is up in arms about Dana telling Gil to kick rocks. Dude is top 5 in the world hands down. Pay the man! Unionize" -Conor Heun

"Shit is absolutely mind boggling the low ball tactics Dana is using while the UFC reaps record profits. Pay the fighters! Fighters unionize!" -Conor Heun

"I wish I would've drove truck last 10yrs, then at least is have insurance to see counselor. Ufc left me broken with nithing" -Chris Leben

"I lost my dog and fucking lost it! Sorry please disregard my prev tweet! He was a family member:(" -Chris Leben

"Means a lot that Dana and the UFC care and have reached out" -Chris Leben



"@danawhite so I haven't fought anyone, but a guy who is 4-0 and opponents comb. record is 9-19 gets an immediate co main fight. Lets hear the real reason. Didn't a former @BellatorMMA fighter to come and prove he is the best in the world! #fatbaldmansegoistoobig" -Ben Askren

"Twitter going bananas! Not running for anyone, on holiday right now & also rehabbing injuries so not ready to discuss a fight at this time." -Alistair Overeem

"This is what happens with unlimited @UFC fights... It's 3.42am. #FightPassInsomnia" -Dan Hardy



"All I can say is that I knew it would happen...... I just knew it !!!!! 😡😡" -Brad Pickett

"if you got something to say then say it" -Ian McCall

"@Unclecreepymma I did just say it.... I knew the fight was not going to happen !" -Brad Pickett

"@One_Punch well it's either you had a bad feeling or your talking shit but to pussy to say anything." -Ian McCall

"@Unclecreepymma talk shit if you're willing to fight. Otherwise shut the fuck up" -Brad Pickett

"@One_Punch more then willing Ill send you medical records idiot Once I heal up I'll make sure this fight gets booked. Im going to retire you" -Ian McCall



"The belt is mine. And I will run through everyone in my way." -Conor McGregor

"Listen Connie you're always welcome to come by our gym to pick up a reality check" -Cub Swanson

"You will be picking up your cheek bone old man. Your time will come. I told you that in Vegas." -Conor McGregor

"You're all talk. You had you're chance in Vegas and you didn't do shit" -Cub Swanson

"I told you I'm gonna run through you and all you could say was 'why have you got a problem with me?' Pussy talk" -Conor McGregor

"I told you let's handle it! And you just kept talking. When are you even able to fight again?" -Cub Swanson

"Lie. You wouldn't even look. You got beat by the guy who got beat. "Please move up Jose, please" pussy talk." -Conor McGregor



"Hey somebody tell @JoeLauzon i'd beat him in a jujitsu match with my hands taped closed" -Jon Jones

"@JonnyBones this can be arranged!" -Joe Lauzon

"I smell a charity event " -Jon Jones

"GUERRILLA tape will work just fine. I accept your challenge . I don’t usually wear the gi, but I’ll make an exception for you." -Joe Lauzon

"is it too late for me to back out of this ???? I'm sure Phil Davis would love to take my place" -Jon Jones

"I know the 205 champ of the world didn’t just call out a 155′er and then try to back out?! Right?! " -Joe Lauzon

"Man you putting me on the spot right now " -Jon Jones

"Accepting is what makes you a champion! " -Joe Lauzon

"oh you're bringing Nike into this!?! It's on now" -Jon Jones

"Full disclosure , this is what happened the last time I was challenged. " -Joe Lauzon

"For those just joining us, this is a BJJ match w/ (with his hands taped closed)… Not an MMA fight. I am no fool." -Joe Lauzon



"Hacked by my 4year old with the last tweet. Lol" -Cain Velasquez

"When you're the @ufc heavyweight champ, you tweet whatever the hell u want!" -Kenny Florian





"the rare moments I get to touch @jessahinton are glorious ! Haha" -Arianny Celeste

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