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Charles Oliveira accuses opponent Andy Ogle of greasing in post fight interview

After his submission victory over Andy Ogle at UFC Fight Night 36 Charles Oliveira had some good words for his opponent... and some less than good words.

It's always awkward when one fighter accuses another blatantly of cheating, but that appears to be what's happened here. First it was Remco Pardoel who accused Marco Ruas of greasing after his loss to the Brazilian at UFC 7. Then BJ Penn was quick to point out that Georges St-Pierre's corner was rubbing Vaseline on his torso between rounds. Recently Rousimar Palhares infamously complained to the ref about Nate Marquardt's slippery legs just before getting TKO'd while distracted. Now Charles Oliveira has thrown Andy Ogle's name in to the long history of greasing accusations in the UFC. Bloody Elbow's Fernando Arbex has the translation:

"I have seen his latest fights, he is a tough guy. He works very well with his defences. In the first round when I was in his back I should have hit more to set up for my submissions. But he is a tough guy, he is not a fool, he defended well the submissions. I think he was too slippery. I don't know if he passed something in his body, I can't tell because I'm not sure, but he was too slippery."

Ogle, for his part, has already denied the accusation, telling Oliveira, "Ya won the fight you f**king turd. Just coz you couldnt finish me in the first or second doesnt mean i waa greased." Ogle has only one other submission loss in his career, also a triangle choke, in his second pro-fight.

Having seen Ogle face other strong grapplers, in Cole Miller and Josh Grispi, he has a pretty established track record of being nearly impossible to choke out with guillotines and rear naked chokes. I don't doubt that some fighters grease, or do whatever they can to make themselves slippery against dangerous submission artists, but I think Oliveira may be barking up the wrong tree here.

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