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Andy Ogle fires back at Charles Oliveira over greasing allegations after UFC Fight Night 36

Andy Ogle got submitted by Charles Oliveira in the 3rd round of their UFC Fight Night 36 bout, Oliveira apparently felt Ogle had to cheat to last that long. Ogle ain't having it.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

You'll have to forgive us for some backwards ass storytelling here. Apparently UFC Featherweight Charles Oliveira accused his UFC Fight Night 36 opponent Andy Ogle of greasing following their bout. This despite the fact that "du Bronx" succeeded in submitting Ogle in Rd 3.

We've got our man in Brazil, Fernando Arbex, looking for the original allegation and will get it to you ASAP but in the meantime, here's Ogle's response from Facebook:

So charles says he thought i was greased. Greased? Ya won the fight you f**king turd. Just coz you couldnt finish me in the first or second doesnt mean i waa greased. Serious lack of professionalism there.

That's the thing about MMA, so much mutual respect.

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