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Direc TV plans MMA Drama starring Nick Jonas

Mixed martial arts and teen pop idols are coming together in a match made in UFC fan heaven.

I know, I know. Most of us can hardly contain our excitement that the MMA world is attracting one of the biggest stars of modern pop music. TV and Film news site The Hollywood Reporter reports that teen sensation Nick Jonas is going to bring his talents to the UFC in a Direc TV original series about an MMA fighter dealing with the struggles of his family life as he tries to make his mark in the world's biggest MMA promotion. The show should be a shoe-in to the massive demographic of young teen girls who are also hardcore mixed martial arts fans. Pop culture news site has a breakdown of the plot:

The "gritty family drama" is a DirecTV original series and stars Jonas as Nate Henderson, a shy MMA fighter who gets a contract with the UFC and is trained by his dad, Alvey, played by Frank Grillo. As if it isn't hard enough for a young fighter to train with his overbearing dad, Nate also has to deal with his older brother, who is battling addiction.

Navy St. as the Drama has been titled, has been signed for at least ten episodes, plenty of time to get some good MMA themed action going against the background of a serious family drama. Or, to watch some hilarious halfhearted choreography interspersed with a lot mugging for the camera and dramatic tear-jerking. What do you thing? Is anyone warming up their DVR in advance of this latest MMA pop-culture offering?

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