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The Ultimate Fighter: Latin America is casting

The UFC is putting out the call for fighters to participate in a Spanish-language season of The Ultimate Fighter.

Michael Cohen

After speculation reaching back more than a year, it seems that the UFC is finally getting its long-rumored Spanish-language season of TUF under way. Speculation began all the way back in December of 2012, when Dana White floated the idea of a season of the long-running reality show set in Mexico. White stated at the time that the UFC was in the process of casting a Mexican season of TUF, but given the lack of any developments since then and the new call for contestants, it appears that the initial project has been abandoned.

To be clear, this season is in its initial phases, and there's no indication as to when it might be filmed, who the coaches would be, or what weight classes it will feature. The call for fighters appears to be open to all weight classes, so the logical conclusion is that they'll see what kind of talent applies and then decide from there what divisions to feature. Given the relative paucity of established talent in Latin America, this seems like a solid move.

We do know that the UFC is looking for fighters with more than three professional wins, between the ages of 21 and 34, but beyond that everything is up in the air. It's a safe bet that if this doesn't fall through, as the planned Mexico season apparently did, that it will air on Fight Pass and will likely feature the caliber of talent that TUF: China has shown.

So.... ¿Quién quiere ser un maldito luchador?

Link to the UFC's application form:

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