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Daniel Cormier not happy about fight cancellation, wants Chael Sonnen

Daniel Cormier was expecting to make his light heavyweight debut in a few days, but opponent Rashad Evans is out with an injury. Cormier says he doesn't want to wait for Evans to get better and suggested a fight with Chael Sonnen instead.

Thearon W. Henderson

UFC 170 just took a big hit with Rashad Evans being forced out of his co-main event bout with Daniel Cormier. The card is scheduled for February 22nd and the UFC has already stated that Cormier is off the card as well, but he's still holding out hope that the promotion can find a replacement to fight him. He spoke to MMA Fighting about his disappointment:

It's very sad. I've had to do a lot of things different for this camp because of the weight, having to make this weight for the first time healthy and where I'm well enough conditioned. It's more than just training for a fight. It's all the other things I had to take into consideration. It's a completely different situation.

Chael Sonnen tweeted about stepping in as a replacement, and Cormier hopes that could come to fruition:

Yeah, they said it's going to be hard to get someone on such short notice. I'm hoping I can get someone to fight. There's somebody out there that wants to step up to take a fight at this moment. I saw on Twitter that Chael wants to fight. Ok, let Chael fight. Anthony Johnson fought a couple of weeks ago, he's still in shape. Let him fight. Or if there's a heavyweight. I'll fight at heavyweight. There's somebody out there.

Despite the UFC saying that they'd try to re-book the fight in the next few months, apparently they didn't tell Cormier that. He still believes that he can fight next week, and he reiterated that he'd be ready for Chael:

I'm very sad. It's very sad, because I've worked hard. So if anyone wants to fight, let's fight. If Chael can fight, I'll go through Chael and then he can fight Wanderlei later. I promise I won't hurt him too bad.

It looks like we're going to find out what kind of drawing card Ronda Rousey is on her own now.

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