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UFC: Shogun says it's for his team to decide if he pursues TRT

UFC light heavyweight contender, Shogun Rua makes some contradictory statements about TRT in a recent interview.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

In the ever continuous news of TRT, Mauricio Rua has made some confusing statements on the subject in a recent interview with Lance!net. My Google Translate might be a little rusty, but I think what's being said here are two contradictory statements. First, Shogun states that he'll let his team decide if TRT is right for him -at the ripe old age of 32- then he says he doesn't think TRT should be legal for use in sports.

Here are the two statements as they appear in the article and are transcribed by our own Bloody Elbow team member Fernando Arbex:

I'm fine. I don't think about doing TRT, but this is something to my team decide. If my team come to understand that it's interesting to use, I will do it. But, for now, I'm not thinking about using.

Shogun then does a complete 180 and says,

To be honest, I don't think TRT should be a legalized thing. A fighter can get a licence to use it and he does. I think this is wrong. Why are there some people allowed and others not? I think it ends being something wrong or at least unfair.

Rua will face off against heavy hitter, Dan Henderson in their long anticipated rematch on March 23rd in Brazil.

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