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Kimura Nova Uniao fighter murdered in Brazil, allegedly by police officer

Kimura Nova Uniao fighter Luiz de Franca was murdered in Natal, and the prime suspect is a police officer that used to train at the same facility as the victim.

A member of Brazilian fight team Kimura Nova Uniao had been murdered in Brazil, allegedly by a police officer. Luis de Franca was a 3-0 welterweight that taught at a gym in Natal, and it appears that the suspect had been told to leave that gym a couple of weeks before the incident. Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting has the sad news:

According to reports, the main suspect in the murder is a police lieutenant who used to train at the Alta Performance gym, but he was excluded 15 days ago because "he was too violent." The local police told G1 that the crime was caught on tape, but they have yet to detail if it was actually a cop that killed the 25-year-old MMA fighter.

A few fighters have taken to social media to speak on the news, including Ronny Markes and Wanderlei Silva. De Franca was a member of Silva's team in Vegas for a while. Here's what Silva had to say:

"I’m really sad. Luiz de Franca, who trained with us in Las Vegas for almost a year, was brutally murdered this Monday morning in Natal. He was only 25 and never got himself in trouble. He was a good kid."

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