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UFC shuts down illegal streaming site, will try to prosecute viewers

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The UFC's continuing fight against online piracy has led them to shut down a streaming site that showed their events, and they're apparently looking to prosecute the viewers.

Michael Cohen

The UFC apparently isn't going to just roll over when it comes to online piracy. The company has issued a press release in regards to an illegal streaming since tha they were able to shut down. And they are apparently looking to prosecute the people that watched their events on the site:

As part of the on-going initiative against online piracy, Zuffa, LLC, owner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization, successfully took down and seized the records of, a website that illegally streamed two UFC pay-per-view events.

UFC has obtained details of the streaming site's userbase, including email addresses, IP addresses, user names and information pertaining to individuals who watched pirated UFC events including UFC 169. Also recovered were chat transcripts from the website. Using this data, UFC will work with Lonstein Law Office to prosecute identified infringers.

Lonstein Law Office has successfully prosecuted hundreds of claims for the UFC organization for sites illegally streaming content and individual users since 2007. UFC's status as the industry leader in pay-per-view television has helped it become a leader in cracking down on companies and individuals watching and facilitating the watching of pay-per-view events online, without paying.

The UFC has been talking about going after viewers since 2012, which is relatively uncommon in these sorts of cases. This particular site seems rather small-scale, considering they only showed two events. But the company is obviously publicizing it in order to get it out there that they're not going to just sit on their hands and do nothing about it.