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Reza Madadi is out of jail and back in the cage

It looks like Reza Madadi won't be out of action for nearly as long as most people assumed.

Steve Flynn-USA TODAY Sports

Reza Madadi has a fight coming up... and this time it's coming out side the courtroom. If that doesn't come as a surprise to you, here's a quick refresher. Madadi, one of Sweden's most popular MMA fighters, was released from his UFC contract after being arrested in May of 2013 as a principal suspect in the theft of a number of handbags and assorted goods from a luxury boutique in Stockholm, Sweden. It wasn't Madadi's first brush with the law. he'd been arrested previously on assault charges stemming from his days as a bouncer, and was eventually cleared as a suspect in one of the most infamous heists in Sweden's history.

Madadi was sentenced to a year and a half in prison for his part in this most recent theft and released from his UFC contract. It's been six months now, since his sentencing, but Madadi has yet to serve any of that time and is back fighting. MMAViking has the report of his MMA return and spoke to Superior Challenge's (Sweden's largest MMA promotion) CEO, Babak Aghavali.

Reza is an amazing athlete and I know very few people who train as hard as he does. Madadi sporting achievements in Superior Challenge has left few people untouched and his iron will and warrior ‘s heart has entertained and inspired many . I'm really looking forward to seeing him compete in Superior Challenge again on May 3 in Helsingborg Arena. - Babak Aghavali , CEO

It appears that Madadi has not, in fact, been cleared of charges stemming from the 2013 burglary. However, he is out on release as he appeals the guilty verdict against him. In the meantime it would appear that he's going to pick up where he left off and reports suggest that he may face another recent UFC release in Anton Kuivanen. Stay tuned for updates on Madadi's next court date and his next in cage appearance.