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UFC 169 results: Frank Mir gets dominated in unanimous decision loss to Alistair Overeem

Overeem hurt Mir early with heavy punches in the first round but couldn't get the finish. From there he 'paced' himself to earn a clear unanimous decision.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

In the sole heavyweight fight of UFC 169, former champion Frank Mir squared off against Alistair Overeem on the PPV main card. Mir survived an early storm by Overeem recovering from being rocked in the opening minutes. However, he could never get offense of his own going and lost a one-sided unanimous decision.

The Reem opened up with a straight punch to the body. Mir responded with a quick combination then closed the distance for a clinch attempt. After a bit of shuffle they separated and Overeem got off first with a sharp left hook. Overeem caught Mir with a hook and Frank backed up into the fence rocked. Overeem took top position and punished Mir with punches to the face and brutal kinees to the body. Mir somehow managed to get back to his feet and into striking range. Reem moved in for the clinch and Mir dropped for a leg lock. Overeem squashed the attempt and got into top half-guard. Some ground strikes for Alistair as Mir tried to wrap him up before the round ended.

Alistair hits a quick trip from the clinch to start the second round. Reem took control in the clinch, but referee Dan Miragliotta separated them for inactivity. Alistair hit a quick combination before being taken down by Mir. Frank thought he had a guillotine and dropped to lock it in but Overeem escaped and took top position. Overeem opened up a cut around Mir's right eye. Big elbow from the top by Overeem before Mir regained guard. An armbar from Mir got Overeem to stand up.

Mir tried to duck under for a takedown in the opening second of round three, but Overeem kept his base and took top position in Mir's guard. He didn't stay there long before standing up. Mir immediately went for another takedown only to end up on his back again. Reem worked strikes from top before finally letting Mir up with a minute left on the clock. He followed up with a right hand.

Alistair Overeem took the unanimous decision (30-27 x 3) over Frank Mir.

for the first time in his MMA career, Mir was on a three-fight losing streak heading into Saturday night. Overeem wasn't in much better position having lost his last fights and sporting only a 1-2 record inside the Octagon.