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UFC 169 results: Chris Cariaso outpoints Danny Martinez for a dull unanimous decision win

Martinez's grinding style made this an especially long three rounds. but, his wrestling wasn't enough to take the the decision on the judges' scorecards.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

A flyweight fight was second from the top on the UFC 169 FS1 prelims as Chris Cariaso fought Danny Martinez. Martinez' intentions were clear from the outset - he wanted to make this a dirty and grinding affair. He had some success trapping Cariaso against the cage and scoring some takedown. However, any time they were at range Cariaso consistently landed punches and kicks. In the end it was Cariaso's striking that impressed the judges most as he took the unanimous decision.

Martinez came in aggressive to start the fight rushing immediately into the clinch for a takedown. Cariaso was able to shake him off then worked to keep him back with kicks to the body and head. Martinez continued to used the clinch throughout the first round. Cariaso kept him from scoring an damage, but gave up the round in the process.

After a slow first round, they engage on the feet to start the second. Martinez came in swinging wild hooks while Cariaso countered with quick straight shots. Another clinch from Martinez simultaneously scored points with the judges and boos from the crowd. He got Cariaso down for a second, but not much happened at the end of the round.

Again in the final round they come out swinging. Cariaso expectedly landed solid straight shots as Martinez swung wildly. Martinez did get through with a wild left that had Cariaso hurt, but he was able to recover. Takedown from Caraiso landed him in guard and he couldn't hold the position long. Only a few seconds of striking before Martinez went for the clinch again. After separating, Cariaso went back to outpointing Martinez on the feet.

Chris Cariaso took the unanimous decision (29-28 x 3) over Danny Martinez.

Cariaso was sporting a 3-3 record in the UFC and 2-2 as a 125 lber. Martinez was making his UFC debut with a career record of 16-4 while on a 4-fight win streak.