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UFC 169 results: Clint Hester wins one-sided unanimous decision over Andy Enz

The TUF veteran scored early with big punches and never let up. He outworked and outlanded Enz on the feet and on the ground to earn the UD win.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

TUF 17 veteran veteran Clint Hester closed out the UFC 169 online prelims on Fight Pass in a middleweight fight against the debuting Andy Enz. Hester took over from the beginning as he rocked and almost finished Enz in the opening round. Enz was never able to get things going his was and gave up a one-sided unanimous decision.

Hester took the center of the Octagon from the opening Bell. Enz clearly wary of Hester's striking trying to stay on the outside, but Clint still managed to clip him with a hook. As Enz came in to close the distance and clinch to recover, Hester blasted him again. He got a small chance to recover on the ground, but ate another big punch as they returned to their feet. Left hook to the body and right to the head from Hester. Enz has seemingly recovered now, but very hesitant on the feet. Hester misses with a big hook and Enz counters with a head kick. The last minute goes with both men trading strikes that mostly miss.

A change in strategy from Hester in the second round as he hit a trip takedown early. He didn't look for control when he got half-guard, rather he landed punches on the ground and a kick as Enz got back up. Enz was able to avoid taking any more damage as they traded on the feet but was taken down again. Once again he ate a big punch as he returned to his feet. A solid body kick from Enz was followed by a big straight right from Hester.

Enz' corner lets him know he's down two rounds heading into the third. A spinning back fist from Hester misses and Enz tried to counter with a quick flurry but took as many shots as he gave. Big overhand right from Hester backed Enz up. Another right hand from Clint as Andy tried to close the distance. Enz landed a good combination ending with a head kick, but he didn't have enough on it to hurt Hester. With only 30 seconds left Hester went for a trip but Enz avoided it and the round ended.

Clint Hester defeats Andy Enz by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26).

Enz came into the UFC undefeated in 7 professional fights. Hester (9-3) had beaten both of his previous opponents inside the Octagon.