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UFC 169 results: Rashid Magomedov comes back to win a unanimous decision over Tony Martin

The lightweights went back and forth over their 15 minute fight. Martin almost scored an early submission win, but the Dagestani fighter took over to take the fight on the judges' cards.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

On the UFC 169 Fight Pass prelims, undefeated debuting lightweight Tony Martin faced off against fellow debutant Rashid Magomedov. Martin opened up early and almost scored an early submission with a tight armbar, but Magomedov was able to survive. He came back to punish Martin through the third round and score the unanimous decision win.

A slow start to this one as it took Magomedov forty seconds to throw the first strike of the match. Martin took over from there as he moved into the clinch then scored a takedown. From there he attacked for a kimura from half guard. He stepped over and clung to the submission puttin Magomedov in a very dangerous position before transitioning to an armbar. The armbar was tight but, Rashid was able to escape and return to his feet. Not a lot of action standing vefore the bell rang.

Martin knew where his success came in the first round and looked to repeat it in the second. He clinched up early working to take Magomedov to the mat, but he missed on a lateral crop attempt and ended up on the bottom. Magomedov landed some heavy shots from top position before Martin got back up. Both fighters struggled to find their range and rhythm on the feet through the rest of the round. Martin showed a big mouse under his left eye between rounds.

Martin moved right into the clinch to start the final round. Magomedov countered his first takedown attempt with a whizzer, but stayed on the defensive with his back against the cage. Martin left his head open in the clinch which Rashid used to grab a front headlock into mount. Martin scrambled out, but ate a big head kick for his efforts. He quickly took control back with another clinch that was eventually broken up by the ref. With just under a minute left, the ref stops the fight so the ringside doctor can take a look at Martin. The doc lets it continue and Martin eats another headkick as he came in for the clinch. He was shaken off and they ended the fight on their feet.

Rashid Magomedov defeats Tony Martin by unanimous decision (29-28 x3).

Heading into his promotional debut Martin went undefeated in all eight of his prior professional bouts. In 16 pro fights before stepping into the Octagon, Magomedov had been victorious in 15.

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