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Jim Ross discusses CM Punk signing: It’s a no-lose situation

Good Ol' JR delves into the CM Punk signing in his FOX Sports column.

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On Saturday night, the UFC made a startling announcement that included the signing of former WWE superstar Phil "CM Punk" Brooks to a multi-fight contract. The decision understandably caused a rift in the MMA fanbase, with many referring to it as a desperate move from MMA's top promotion.

However, others, including former WWE announcer and VP of Talent Relations Jim Ross believe the move emphasizes what a "brilliant promotional strategist" Dana White is for taking this sort of risk on an inexperienced fighter.

"White's signing of Punk is nothing short of promotional genius," JR wrote in his FOX Sports column. "It's a no-lose situation. Punk brings with him immense name identity globally via WWE and his main event visibility there for the past several years. When one's former company -- WWE -- is in more than 150 countries in multiple languages, then one of their top and most popular stars is going to be known around the world, which makes Punk a highly marketable fighter ... at worst, one time."

Ross is one of the few talents that worked extensively with Brooks during his wrestling days and was adamant that he displayed a noticeable passion for combat sports that makes his transition to MMA even more understandable.

"While we worked together, our conversations often times centered around UFC and MMA in general, and it was easy to see how passionate Punk was about Mixed Martial Arts and was akin to my own passion about football ... borderline obsessive."

While CM Punk revealed in several interviews that he is yet to decide on a training camp to hone his craft in, JR is certain that once the star finds his new home, he will dedicate himself to the sport full-time.

"There is no doubt that Punk will be completely dedicated to training for his first pro fight. UFC can make him a star before he steps foot in the Octagon."

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