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Video: Joe Rogan to Brendan Schaub: 'You are not an elite fighter' (Updated)

UFC analyst Joe Rogan guested on Brendan Schaub's "The Fighter and the Kid" podcast on Monday evening, and he did not mince words with Schaub following his TKO loss to Travis Browne at UFC 181.

UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub (rather predictably) was unable to get a win vs. Travis Browne at UFC 181 on Saturday. Schaub was dropped with an uppercut and then repeatedly punched on the ground until the fight was called with 10 seconds left in the 1st. It was Schaub's 4th loss by KO/TKO dating back to his TUF 10 loss to Roy Nelson in 2009, and it dropped him to 2-4 in his last 6 fights. Not even 48 hours removed from his latest defeat, Schaub experienced an "intervention" of sorts by none other than UFC analyst Joe Rogan.

Schaub has become a frequent guest on Rogan's podcasts, and regularly "commentating" on smaller UFC shows that Rogan isn't working on-site. Rogan has also been a frequent guest on Schaub's "The Fighter and the Kid" podcast. When he appeared on Monday's episode, Rogan provided a serious critique of Brendan Schaub as a fighter right to his face, discussing his skill level, his propensity for knockout losses, and the level of brain damage he's received. Here's a brief recap of some of the quotes from the lengthy and generally one-sided talk between Rogan and Schaub:

Whether or not you agree with Rogan's decision to be publicly upfront with Schaub about his career, concern for his health, and his future prospects in the sport, this is a side of Rogan we virtually never see when he's on a live UFC broadcast. Perhaps it's due to his personal relationship with Schaub, but that's about the heaviest set of criticisms I can ever recall out of him, and it's certainly a bit unexpected to me. It will be interesting to see what Schaub does next, because today he was just about stunned to the point of silence.

UPDATE: The podcast is still going on as of 8:22 PM ET, and they returned to this topic with another back-and-forth exchange.

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