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Video: CM Punk out to 'prove everyone wrong', says 'Couture didn't start MMA until he was my age'

Watch CM Punk talk about preparing for his UFC debut in 2015.

Newly signed UFC fighter CM Punk had an extensive interview with MMA Fighting where the former pro-wrestler spoke about a bunch of topics including how the deal started, how long he's planning on fighting, where he is going to train, and when is he looking to make his MMA debut. You can watch the entire clip above, but here are a few quotes:

I would've started somewhere if Dana and Lorenzo told me to go pound sand. I would've fought somewhere else. This isn't the UFC. This isn't about the money. I still enjoy getting paid, but this very much is about the journey, about getting to the first fight, and about competing, about showing everyone what's inside of me.

I think have to make everyone into a believer. I respect everyone who has stepped inside the cage, men and women alike, and when I'm done with this (debut), I will have earned their respect. I will settle for nothing less. It's my position not to make a mockery of this sport. But ultimately, it's 2 people inside the cage trying to punch each other in the face, and there's nothing really artistic about that when you get down to it. Skeptics, be skepticals, that's your job. My job is to prove everyone wrong.

He also spoke about negotiations, details of his contract, and how long he plans to do this:

They will get mad at me about this, but (Dana and Lorenzo) flew to Chigago, and we talked about it. This was late October.


Yes, it's a multi-fight deal. Yes, I'm planning on fighting more than once. For the foreseeable future, this is my home, and I don't think anything will stop me from fighting into my 40s... I know people will probably crucify me for even saying his name, but Couture didn't start MMA until he was my age.

Yes, I know he was a wrestler, and yes I know he wrestled in the army. Thank you, my twitter is @CMPunk, you can tell me all about it.

But, Anthony Perosh I think is in his 40s, so there are fighters in their 40's and I think that's awesome. I think it's up to the individual and how they feel, and I know you can't tell an athlete when to hang it up. It's based on how I feel, and how I feel right now is magnificent.

He also spoke about various options for joining an MMA camp:

DC said 'come to AKA', I already have a good rapport with Duke Roufus, there's Curran's in Chicago, 'Top Team down in Coconut Creek, and they've got the new welterweight champion. I'm not saying I have options and I can cherry pick where ever the hell I want, but I have options in the sense that there are a lot of avenues open right now.

I want to decide ASAP. I would love to have Rener Gracie in my corner but I'm not sure how it will workout. If I decide to go to Roufusport in Milwaukee which is just 90 mins away from my house, how does Rener fit into that? Because they have their own jiujitsu coaches, so that's something that I will have to talk to guys about and work through, and figure out, but I can't see myself walking out without Rener.

As for when he's making his MMA debut, Punk says he will decide in about 6 months:

The 6-month mark is in the back of my head. To train 6 months, but that's nothing in MMA. There's people living and doing this for years and years and years. I don't have that luxury, so to me, I'm going to train my ass off for 6 months, and I'm going to reevaluate and see how I feel, and see where the weight is at. Then re-assess and go from there.

There are much more topics tackled, so watch the entire clip above.