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CM Punk Media Scrum Video: 'Time will tell how wise of a decision it was' to sign with the UFC

CM Punk spoke to the media following the announcement of his UFC signing.

Phil Brooks AKA CM Punk spoke to the media following the huge announcement that he has signed with the UFC and will be making his MMA debut in 2015. He says it was a very easy decision to make, and he relishes the challenge:

It's actually a really easy decision to make. Time will tell how wise of a decision it was, but I'm excited. I finally feel that there's something that I can put 100% of myself on, and I will get 100% back. If I slack off and sit on a couch, only give 50%, only training 3 days a week, that will obviously show. That's not my plan. I plan to kick my ass so I don't get my ass kicked in the Octagon.

It was a very easy decision. I'm the type who likes goals and challenges, and this is the biggest challenge I've ever put in front of me. I'm very excited to climb the mountain.

As for the mixed reactions from fans, he says he's putting his head down, train hard, and ignore the negativity:

I'm staying the f*** off twitter and I'm staying away from all the negativity now. I'm going to give it 100%, I just don't let anybody tell me that I can't do something, because I believe in myself, and I know I can.

When asked about his background and his base for MMA, and the former WWE superstar says it's BJJ:

Just for the length that I've known and worked with Rener (Gracie), I would definitely say that my base would be jiujitsu. By no means am I a kickboxing whiz or anything like that, but I intend to be well rounded before I step inside the cage.

Can CM Punk fight? Yeah, I think everybody at some level can fight. It's in our DNA. I intend to take this seriously, and as I said to Joe Rogan, I respect everyone who has ever step foot inside the cage, and before I'm done here, everyone will respect me as well.