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UFC 181 results: Tony Ferguson chokes out Abel Trujillo

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Tony Ferguson picked up his fourth straight win with a second round submission victory over Abel Trujillo in the UFC 181 main card opener.

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Ferguson is putting together a pretty good UFC resume. The TUF 13 winner picked up his seventh win in eight octagon fights with a nice submission win over Abel Trujillo in the first pay-per-view fight at UFC 181. He had to overcome some trying moments to get there though.

Trujillo came out with his patented fast start, and he dropped Ferguson with a hard shot to the ear early. Ferguson was definitely hurt, but he weathered the storm and stayed in the fight. Trujillo managed to get a couple of takedowns and bloodied Ferguson up over the next few minutes though, and emphatically took the first stanza.

He had slowed down by the start of the second though, and Ferguson took over. After a grappling battle against the cage, Ferguson emerged from a scramble on Trujillo's back. He then deftly baited Trujillo and slid his arm under Abel's chin, securing the rear naked choke victory. The finish came at 4:19 of round two.