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UFC 181 prelim results: Pennington puts Evans-Smith to sleep at the horn

Raquel Pennington picked up a huge win over Ashlee Evans-Smith on the UFC 181 prelims, putting her to sleep with a bulldog choke at the very end of round 1.

Raquel Pennington might not have the best record in the UFC, but she just got one of the best finishes of the year in the octagon. The TUF veteran was facing off with UFC debutant Ashlee Evans-Smith on the UFC 181 preliminary card, and was getting out-muscled for most of the first round. But as usual in MMA, things can change in an instant.

And they sure did in this fight.

After Pennington managed to get a takedown on the wrestler, she locked up a bulldog choke with just a few seconds left in the round. She squeezed as hard as she could, with blood streaming out of her forehead in the process, as the clock ticked towards the horn. After the horn went, she released Evans-Smith.

And she was completely unconscious.

Pennington picked up her second UFC win, and first finish with the submission victory. If was the first loss of Evans-Smith's professional career.